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Posted by svpneuro on May 1, 2009 at 8:51 AM

Silence has its own language.

It takes harsh notes after a quarrel,

It speaks in melodies when lovers look at each other .

& It speaks sooth-saying lullabies of inner peace.

When silence is integral part of neighborhood nature !


The most striking feature of my existence here so far is ,


A truly majestic ,splendid ,crystalline quality of silence !


I did not notice it the first few days .Then it gradually seeped in ,entering the mind with each breath that I took! This is quite striking because of my past. I lived a life where I was constantly chatting up ,speaking a lot ,spewing a torrent of words.It was part of my profession. I was explaining things to patients & their relatives ,explaining neurosciences to whoever wanted to learn about them ,explaining behavior of people when it appeared skewed,

.Words !millions of words !!.

Some sacred, some profane ,some profound and many, perhaps most - utterly useless.

Such wanton use of the faculty of speech, which only Humans are endowed with ,was worrisome .I used to seek retreat in mountains , forests ,at lonely beaches and try to cleanse my brain of these piled up words .Yes ,each such word creates a memory encoding .If you remember the context in which they were uttered , then it is an additional memory trace.

To use a modern theme , a burden of utterly useless downloads and temporary files that occupied precious space on my hard disc drive (brain)


Here in Grenoble it is different .A part of it is being a stranger. Other part is being at foothills of snow clad mountains.

I do not handle patients. The conversation with my group although lively, is limited .Conversation with experimental animals is mainly non verbal! This is the first part.


But more importantly it is the things around you. French is a sonorous language ,almost musical to listen to. Persons I have met so far(at least) are also soft spoken .Nobody honks a horn , No blaring loud speakers , No processions ,no cacophony on the streets. I initially was slightly uneasy with this all pervasive silence in a town.

And the mountains! They encircle the town .If you stretch your imagination they encircle you too .Cuddling you up in the 'cold' embrace. The word 'cold' is used to denote the physical attribute. Actually the embraces is quite warm once you are attuned to nature around you. Why, even the birds vocalize in a deep throat! I have noticed a crow that croaks in such pitifully a low pitch that I always feel that either it must be asthmatic or terminally ill!.

So at 7 00 pm when I am at home it is curtains! Not even a word is spoken .I have my cocoon of serenity ,solitude ,seclusion and silence!


This silence doesn't hurt. It provides you a space and time platform for introspection .In a way, an opportunity of communication with your own brain .I am not uncomfortable .The more one thinks about it , more one realizes that silence is also a language .A language that we in modern world seldom use effectively ! Just a gaze at a true friend is sufficient to know his thoughts ,moods if you are tuned to each other. A grave silence can communicate more meaning than pages full of arguments after a disagreement. Simple people use silence as the tool for defence .And crafty people do use same silence to serve all their purposes!I quote here the Sanskrit phrase ?Maunam Sarvartha Sadhanam ?.Keeping mum is their way of getting rid of all the problems!

I think my brain was hardwired for this blissful ,peaceful kind of silent software . 


Subodh Prabhu ,30 th April 09

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Reply Sowmya
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Yes,I do agree with it.Silence is a language by itself.
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