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Neurosciences ,Functional Neurosurgery ,Deep Brain Stimulation ,Indian Philosophy

 Dr S V PRABHU,  "me and  the neurosciences !" a life long association   

I am an Indian medical doctor now working as a research scholar in Epilepsy and Deep Brain Stimulation  in France.

Since childhood, I was fascinated by intricate functioning of brain- an organ that  governs us.


The fascination was two fold.

A philosophical view about why and how we exists The other dimension to this investigation was what (system ) lies behind this so beautiful an orchestra called ‘Human Body & Mind’.


The more I learned about brain and its complex organization, more I got involved in unraveling the mysteries around its functioning. The career path from Medicine to Specialty in neurosciences was chosen consciously. I also got attracted towards the explosive growth in computer sciences. A close similarity between Brain and Computing –the parallel and distributed processing  circuits,the fuzzy logic were interesting fields. Brain Computer Interface(BCI) is a promising horizon I would love to reach, one day in future!

Besides these clinical things I have a solid foundation in  Indian system of Philosophy –The Veda and Adwaita Siddhant .I also have a fair understanding of Buddhist  Philosophy and have delivered lectures in Thailand and Sri Lanka by invitation                                                     I write poetry, I love nature ,meditation ,yoga .

                                             Well ,this is me !

                         A simple person with a simple mission

                         To lesson the sufferings of Human beings by using the gifts   provided to us  (in  my case –the intellect to explore the complex Brain –the governor of our functions!) 

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